Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Monday, March 1, 2010

a good saturday.

Saturday is usually a day that I do not look forward to. might think. But lately Casey has been playing basketball all morning with his boyfriends and I am stuck at home with the options to either CLEAN or to STUDY. However, this saturday was different. My other mother, Christy, invited me to see these ice castles in Midway. Check them out here. They were like nothing I have ever seen. It was a great little saturday field trip. Kelly and her friend came with us too but I don't have any pictures cause my camera died after I took about four...I was kinda disappointed.

Same day.......later on. I WENT TO MY FIRST JAZZZZZZ GAME!!! I have been begging Casey to show me the wonderful things of of them being the we finally took a trip up to Salt Lake to experience the real thing. Our friends Mercedes and Aaron joined in on the fun.

the kid fans were super supportive.


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