Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a week from now i will be.......


eating these ! (why are they so much better at disneyland ?)

later i will make my way here ...

and paddle out... (yes, this is hawaii not california. and hopefully I can be that tan again)

at night I will be going out with these fine folks...

california, I am coming home again !


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  2. REALLY? do you have to rub it in that I am poor and freezing here in UT? LOL... and that I miss you and want to be with you and those adorable people you are going to hawaii with? ok ok ok I will just be so excited for you! LOL... I cant wait to see your pics when you get home.. and eat a churrow for me... I havent eaten in a year! KILL ME NOW!