Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I surfed the TSUNAMI

This past weekend Case and I took separate vacations. I went home to California for some fun in the sun and Case went on a boys trip to Vegas for the basketball tournament with his dad, brother and Dale. We both had a great time but I was kinda missing my bud towards the end.
G-funk and I at lunch. She's a lovely lady.
Mac and I checked out this sweet little bakery/cafe called Euro Pane in Pasadena.

yummmy french toast.

Papi trying to figure out his new phone.

We went and saw "Jane Eyre". Great movie. If you liked Pride and Predjudice you will love this one.

Mac has this crazy love obsession with The Biebs. She even gets his tweets forwarded to her phone as text messages. He smiles at her every morning on her way to school.

I am not by any means making light of the Tsunami in Japan situation at all. But, in all honesty I'm pretty sure I caught the wave that shut down all the beaches in Orange County and Santa Barbara County. For some odd reason they did not shutdown any beaches in LA County. In fact, there were a couple firetrucks in the parking lot at Malibu and they did not say a word to us as we walked out into the water. There was a crowd forming on the beach with photographers and news crews waiting for the 8:41 am tsunami warning. The waves were seriously on 1-2 ft...but then out of nowhere, around the time when the suspected wave was coming, a perfect 4 ft wave came rolling in with my name on it. It was epic.

Chad was pretty stoked.


  1. ash this is rad. definitely epic. i was gonna say we should surf together sometime, buuuut...i don't know that i could keep up with a tsunami surfer! dang.

  2. you are such a hot surfer girl. envious.