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Friday, March 25, 2011

SUMMA time and the livin's easy

Today it snowed. YES, SNOW. It's almost the end of March. March is a very bipolar month in Utah. So to help myself not slip into a deep, dark, cold depression I decided to make myself a list of things that I am looking forward in the upcoming months.

1. HAWAII in May.
This trip has been planned forever and it finally feels like it is coming soon.

2. Fresh picked fruit in the summer. Utah has the BEST PEACHES.

3. Beach + SUN . This one might not happen too often this summer. But I do have a Seven Peaks pass :)

4. Tulip Festival this Spring at Thanksgiving Point. I have yet to go and this year is going to be my year.

5. Surfing. Hopefully I will get to go a couple of times this summer. At least I will go in Hawaii. Maybe we will do a roadtrip home in July.

6. Island Park for the 4th of July. Seriously, can't think of a better place to be on the 4th with these lovely ladies.

7. Hikes and just being outside.

8. Picnics up Provo canyon.

9. Park City ALPINE SLIDES. It's so beautiful and green in the summer. I love it.

10. Baseball Games. We love the Dodgers but we can compromise with Bees and Owlz games too.

11. Last but NOT least....Graduation #2 - from Nursing School !!!! wooo wooooooo

So, even though today was pretty crappy with all the snow and coldness...I've realized that I have some great things I am looking forward to. Remember, Count your Blessings :)


  1. hah! this sounds identical to the list i have going in my head (minus hawaii..i wish) we got the pass of all passes...we should hit up seven peaks, mini golf, owlz games...seriously can't wait for summer! i loved this post it got me so stoked

  2. Glad I'll be a part of some of those blessings! Oh, and don't forget your biggest blessing... I'm moving down the street in 5 days!!! But who's counting??

  3. hello BARBIE! you are so tan and tiny in that picture!!! thanks for the motivation!