Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Saturday, April 2, 2011

my BIRTHDAY party!!!

I turned 23 on Wednesday. It was a great day besides having to be at school for most of the day. I woke up to Casey's pancakes (he is a highly skilled pancake maker). Then I studied...took a test, did ok. In between classes my sister Becca took me to get a Scalp Treatment at Paul Mitchell. It was amazing! For dinner case and I had Tucanos...sooo yummmmy. Too bad we were too stuffed to enjoy all the wonderful desserts at my partaaay! Case organized a little get to together with friends/family. Thanks so much for coming everyone!!

Becca is amazing at making desserts. Check out that huge CUPCAKE.

Sar, whit and Jenna.


whitterz and alpal (aka kourt kardash.)

I struggled blowing out the candles.


  1. hahaha kourt kardash...i wish! love you bash. glad you had a happy happy bday!!!! :)

  2. ash bash!! hope you had a wonderful birthday! it was so fun to see you girl! i just read your list for all your fun ideas this summer aah can't wait! we will be in provo all summer. serious we must see each other. lets plan 7 peak days and everything else you said. aah can't wait! love you girl!

  3. so many things...
    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! sounds like it was the best day ever!
    2. scalp treatment? i wanna sign up for one of those...
    3. where did you find your shirt. it's darling
    4. can your sister send me an oversized cupcake?

    and lastly, let's book those tickets for you guys to come to boston already!!! we miss our kirklands!