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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I neeeeed to go to PARIS.....some day.

Yesterday was my day off since I did not get a weekend this week due to a combination of clinicals at the State Hospital and doing hours for my internship. So I decided to go see a movie by myself. I went to Riverwoods to see Midnight in Paris. and I LOVED it! Here is a short synopsis of what the movie is about: Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams are a couple who travel to Paris for business and have their lives transformed. It's kind of a movie that is more on the artsy side. A critic explained it well by saying, "Midnight in Paris is a fairy tale, a parfait of whimsy." More than anything, this movie makes me want to go to Paris sooo bad. I would love to just go there and wander the streets with Case, do some exploring. Hopefully some day this will happen :)
This movie made me fall in love with Marion Cotillard. She is such a babe. She is actually a French-born actress and singer. You have probably seen her in movies like Inception, La Vie en Rose, Public Enemies, and Big Fish.

Here is the trailer...


  1. I loved this movie too! Seriously by far one of my favorites. Miss you Ash! Hope things are going well!

  2. ash it was sooooo goood. missed you at the ranch.

  3. hahaha I want to know what happens now!