Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the SCERA.

There are some benefits that come from living within walking distance to the Scera Pool/Area. #1 = Shaved Ice! and oh is it good. I prefer the Tiger's Blood w/ Mango (creamie style). #2 = the Scera Shell: They have musicals all summer long, currently playing Singing in the Rain. And they also have movies outside every Wednesday night. #3= the POOL. I have yet to go. I want to get back into swimming. They have lap swim every morning 7-9 am. Anybody want to join us for any of the above activities? Let me know!


  1. umm yess! we do!! Please that sounds soo fun. all of the above! I would totally go swim laps with you in the morning for sure and movie night and SNOW CONES!! please call me. i miss you.

  2. you look SO PRETTY. (duh). call you when i'm in utah.