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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

EASTER means the beginning of SPRING!

Casey and I came home from our week long trip in Mexico the day before Easter! That was our longest time being away from Chase and I was totally ready to see my little buddy. My mom watched him all week (thank you!) and then my Dad and brother joined her for the weekend just in time for Easter. We celebrated at my house in the morning and went to church together at 1pm. Later we went to my Aunt Jody's where my mom's family all had an easter egg hunt and dinner. It was such a fun day! We were so glad to come home to nice weather and can't wait to spend more time outdoors. Springtime is our favorite around here!

 reuniting with our little man!

 Check out Chase's swim shorts! I can't wait for him to wear them!

 My mom made him a basket too! spoiled boy :)
yes those are snowman pajamas...

 He didn't quite understand the concept of the egg hunt. Next year will be better!

 Grandma and Chase

 Great Grandma and Grandma!

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