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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy Birthday to ME!

This past weekend we celebrated my 26th Birthday! I'm kind of sad that I am closer to 30 than 20 now…oh well. My birthday was on Sunday so we celebrated on Saturday too. I woke up and went to a barre class and then had breakfast at maglbys fresh with my sister kenzie (egg white omelet- diet approved). Came home and showered to get ready for the day. Later Casey, Chase and I ran errands and had In n out protein burgers for lunch-so good!! I did miss my diet coke though :( Then Casey took Chase and let me go shopping on my own (a dream!) I found a new birthday shirt at Soel. We went to an early movie and saw NOAH and then Casey took me to my favorite restaurant Pizzeria 712. We cheated on our diet and had pizza! It was worth every bite. I love that place so much. Casey tried to surprise me and have people come over after for cake and ice cream but I already knew haha shoot. My sister Becca made yummy funfetti cupcakes and decorated too. It was a perfect birthday celebration!
Oh and Casey surprised me with a new bike and carrier for Chase! This weather just needs to get better so we can test drive it!

Here's to another GREAT YEAR!

 BEST CANDLE EVER! thanks becs
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  1. looks like a fun day! and that pizza looks delish!! Happy Birthday!