Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Friday, August 15, 2014


We still kind of feel like we are on vacation. Probably because it is summer and no one is back in school yet here. We have been checking out all the local beaches and are slowly deciding on our favorites. Casey is loving being able to surf everyday. My days of surfing are numbered…due to my being PREGNANT! I guess I haven't announced that on the blog but I'm sure everyone who even reads this already knows that haha. So lately I have been so tired and hungry all the time. On the days we don't go to the beach I usually catchup on laundry, paying bills and cleaning. We are excited to have some visitors in the next few weeks! So things are going to be quite busy!

 We went to Laguna to ride the free Trolley! It was so much fun. 

 Sano is one of our favorite spots. It is so easy to park right by the sand and the waves are usually pretty good. Can you spot Chase?

 The lifeguard at Dohney let Chase come up!

 No those aren't refried beans…..yep thats POOP. 
Life isn't always glamorous 

 Check out those hairy blonde shoulders haha

 We went with some friends to the OC fair
definitely some good people watching and delicious grilled corn!

 Casey won a giant ugly monkey for Chase

 I kind of wish I had a playroom for all these toys….oh well

 I'm showing way fast this time around. I think I was this size at 20 weeks with Chase. 

 Secret beach we found at the edge of Dana Point Harbour

 photo DSC00184_zps2b214882.png


  1. I love seeing all these pictures! It seems like you guys are loving it in Cali! Can't wait to come out there and visit.