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Friday, February 20, 2015

a LOVELY weekend

This last weekend we celebrated our 6th Anniversary, my brother Chad's 18th Birthday, my moms 50th birthday and Valentine's Day! It was a party. My sister came to visit from college for the weekend and my brother and his wife surprised my mom and came down from Utah too!
On Thursday was our Anniversary and we finally tried Nick's in San Clemente. I hadn't eaten dessert for 5 weeks and I broke my streak with their Butter Cake. It was AMAZING. 
On Friday my family all came down and we had dinner in Dana Point Harbor at this really good fish place to celebrate the birthdays! My mom was pretty shocked when Trent and Ray come walking up holding Chase. I think she was pretty happy about the whole family being together!
At dinner Casey made an announcement that we would be staying at the Ritz Carlton that night instead of my sisters (they were going to watch Chase). My parents were staying there too. I was pretty shocked! It was a great Valentine's gift! I love staying in nice hotels, wearing the robes, sleeping in the comfy's the best!
The next morning my sisters brought us Banzai Bowls and Chase came to hang out by the pool. Casey and I took a little beach walk too! The weather was amazing! It seriously feels like summer here right now! 
ON Sunday we headed up to La Canada to have a family dinner with my mom's side to celebrate her 
birthday. Becca made some amazing tres leeches and kona pie (I ate my way through the weeked--now I'm back to no sugar :(. 
To say we had a busy weekend would be an understatement. I think I'm still recovering! It was so much to spend time with my whole family though!

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  1. SO fun Ash! and way to go on the no sugar! you are amazing!! can't wait to see you guys!