Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Sunday, February 1, 2015

TWO under TWO!

I still can't believe I have two kids!
It's pretty crazy. I would be lying if I told you it was an easy adjustment. The hardest part for me is just being tired all the time! I'm sure it will get easier once the baby is sleeping more at night. Last night he slept 4 hours in a row and it was amazing! 

You forget how often babies have to eat. Breastfeeding has been super easy for me this time though. I have lots of milk (let's hope it stays that way) and Jimmy is a really good nurser. I find that I try to feed him right before we leave the house so that I don't have to take him out of his carseat while we are out. I'm kind of paranoid of all the germs and sick kids everywhere. This winter has been a pretty bad one for illnesses in California. 

But ever since having Jimmy we have been wanting to get out a lot more because when I was pregnant we couldn't go more than 20 minutes away from the hospital. We have already gone to my parents house twice now! and we love taking little walks on the beach or by the harbor. 

Even though it has been pretty hard with two kids under two it had been pretty magical at the same time. Having a newborn in our home definitely brings a special spirit. 

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  1. They are the cutest! I hope he sleeps another 4 hours straight for you!!