Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Friday, July 17, 2015

Jimmy is 6 MONTHS

Don't ask me how it happened but my baby turned six months earlier this month :( HALF A YEAR! How did that go by so fast!!!!!?? 
It's so bittersweet watching my babies grow. So exciting because they can do more and can interact but so sad because they lose the baby newborn innocence....

SO here are Jimmy's stats:

-Weight: 17 lbs 6 ounces 45%
-Height: 26 inches 19%
-Head: 17.5 cm 79%

-Rolls over super fast
-Doesn't last long on his back before rolling to his tummy
-loves to sleep on his side or tummy
-still sucking on those two middle fingers at nap/bedtime
-can almost sit up unsupported- we are still working on it
-growing in some BLONDE hair
-pretty sure he has my skin- does not burn easily like Chase
-He loves Chase. like his face lights up when he can hear his voice
-He also gets super giddy when I get him from his crib- like wiggles his arms and legs like he is swimming on his stomach. It's super cute.
-after sleep training at 5 months he is still a great sleeper! morning nap 8-10ish and afternoon nap with Chase's nap 1-4pm ish. Nighttime sleep 11hrs usually 7am-6/630am. 
-Recently started reaching for everything! He wants to feel and grab it all. If my face is right in front of his he will reach both hands out and grab my cheeks. I love it. 
-Graduated from the swing to the exersaucer 
-still has the most amazing thighs. 

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  1. ahh i want to squeeze him!! And how is he 6 months!??