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Friday, November 6, 2015

College Friends/Roomies REUNION!

I graduated from BYU in 2009 and we JUST did our FIRST reunion!!! Why did we wait 6 years?!?!?!! I guess there is a lot to figure out with husbands, pregnancies and managing all our children. Between all of us we left 8 husbands and 7 children (We had 2 babies with us) just for two nights so we could finally have a reunion! And the only girls that did no come live on the east coast (one was very pregnant). 

I'm not going to take complete credit for making this happen but I basically just made a plan and told everyone to come! It was pretty easy since we just stayed at my parents house. They went with Casey and Chase to Ventura for the weekend so we had the house to ourselves!!

We basically just stayed up way too late catching up, ate some really good food, went shopping, got pedicures and laid by the pool! On Saturday we had a surprise baby shower for Sara (she thought we were just getting brunch). 

It's crazy how even though I haven't seen some of these girls for years it feels like nothing has changed and we were just all living together in the dorms! We decided that we are not going to let 6 years go by before we do this again. We are planning next year already....August Education Week at BYU and maybe stay in the dorms for old times sake?!

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