Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Jimmy NINE Months Old!

Jimmy turned nine months on October 8th so this is a catch-up post!
He is such a hunk of love!
I can't remember his stats but I think he was around...
21 pounds! -50% weight
35% height
80% head
(pretty consistent with how Chase measured except Jimmy weighs more)

What he is up to:
-CRAWLING!!! I forgot how hard this stage is! I have to start baby-proofing
-He did the army crawl forever and now lifts that belly up
-Super determines: If he wants something he will do anything to get it
-Puts everything in his mouth
-Just started singing in the car
-still nurses 4-5x a day ( I need to start weaning ) :(
-Sleeps through the night until lately with teething- I had to re-train him
-has 6 teeth! He just popped the top three in!
-Will pretty much eat anything but loves veggies, avocado, banana
-Claps his hands together
-Is always sitting up in his crib waiting for me to get him from his naps with a big smile
-He thinks Chase is the funniest person ever
-Still such a little snuggle bunny and loves his mama!

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  1. he is a cutie!! baby-proofing is probably a lot harder the second time around because you have a ton of toddler toys with little parts.