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Thursday, October 6, 2016

End of Summer, Coldplay and Dodger Games

This is a little catch up from August!
Chase started preschool super early on August 16. He is doing two one day a week things. One at St. Andrew's by the Sea Church and another at Miss Julie's house. Next year I will put him in a three days a week program. It's just SO expensive here :(

We have been taking advantage of the beach since all the local kids are back in school! It is the best. And can you believe how many little friends my kids have!? That picture of all those kids at the beach is so crazy! And that is probably only half of the kids of all the LDS friends we have in San Clemente. 

We went to Coldplay at the Rosebowl last minute and it was so worth it! Hands down the best concert I have ever been to! We waited till the morning of and got $50 tickets on StubHub. We ended up sitting with my parents and their friends who had better seats and luckily some empty spots behind them. I was obsessed with Coldplay in high school and am still a loyal fan so I have always wanted to see them live!

Our Disneyland blackout dates stopped so we have been going again! We love to go Monday mornings with my sister Becca (her day-off). And my mother-in-law Christy came down to visit. We attempted the trolley ride again in Laguna and it was full when it came to our stop. Chase was so sad he almost cried. There is always next year!

We went to the Dodger game with our friends the Schmutzs. Casey's best friend Mason just moved out here from Texas and will be here for a year doing a Ophthalmology Fellowship. So we have been trying to hang out with them as much as possible! 

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