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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sisters Trip to NYC!

In September my Mom took my sisters and I on a girls trip to New York City! We have been dreaming about this trip for awhile now and it did not disappoint!
I planned and research way in advance so we would have lots to do/see/eat. We pretty much did everything on my list except for a few of the food places (there are way too many!) I made google docs and maps of where everything was. I'm going to include our schedule below. We flew in on the redeye so that we would have a whole day. We just left our luggage at our hotel before we could check in. We walked so much! It was insane like 6-10 miles a day. Oh and there was a bomb that went off 8 blocks from our hotel the day before we that was kinda crazy!!

Looking back at this trip here were my FAVORITE things we did/see/eat:

-Broadway Show! We saw Matilda and Phantom of the Opera. I had NO idea how small the theaters were in New York. Amazing
-World Trade Center Memorial Museum- So sad but a must-see as an American
-Top of the Rock- best views of the city
-Walking the Brooklyn Bridge and Juliana's Pizza
-The MET and walking in Central Park
-The Highline and Chelsea Market (Lobster Roll!)
-Boat ride around Statue of Liberty
-The CRONUT is totally worth it and you can pre-order it online
-Favorite Foods were Clinton St. Baking Co (Pancakes), Levain Cookies, ABC Kitchen, and Sweet Greens Salad. 

HERE is the link for our schedule

Thanks Mom for the best trip ever!!!!

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  1. SO fun!! SO glad you guys did so much and lived the NYC life for a weekend! :) xo

  2. I loved this trip with my girls!