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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Jimmy turns 2 YEARS OLD in January!

So I'm super behind with blogging. I need to catch up from a few months ago. I mainly just do this for myself because I love looking back at posts and seeing what we did and how different my kids were at the same ages. So here is a little update on Jimmy:

We had a small friend park donut party for Jimmy and I don't think he even knew it was his birthday because we go to the park all the time haha. 

Jimmy is so different from Chase. He is very loving and cuddly like Chase but also very determined when he wants do something his way. He has no fear and will try anything. He is also quite independent. At the beach he will go up to play with anyone and will keep walking down the beach as far as I will let him. This has made the beach kind of tricky especially when I don't have Casey with me. 

Jimmy has been struggling a little bit with expressive speech and we just got him started with speech therapy. He can understand everything and follow commands he just cant always express what he wants. This has lead him to another problem...biting. 

He got kicked out of the gym daycare which I had to just cancel so now I can only workout in the mornings. And he got kicked out of nursery a few times. So we are really hoping the speech therapy will help with his frustration and the biting will stop. 

Jimmy loves to eat almost anything but does not like noodles which Chase loves. He would eat french fries for every meal if I let him. His other favorites are yogurt, avocados, berries, corn dogs, chicken nuggets, pizza, bacon and eggs. 

His favorite toys are trucks, car, trains and he loves to jump on the trampoline with Chase. He also loves to attempt to ride a scooter and big wheel. Jimmy is very active and busy. He could be outside playing all day if I let him. He is still napping once during the day and definitely needs that nap. 

We love our little Jimbo Slice :)

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