Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Saturday, October 16, 2010

FALL fun.

So we have been quite busy these days. Here is a little catch-up of our lives lately!
First off, we went to the APX alarms Nitro Circus performance. I mainly went for the free J-dawgs and sugar-free RED BULL!
Cali was super excited. Especially when they stunt dudes jumped out of helicopters to start the show off.

Jennifer and I.

Second... My cousin Lindsay Anderson got married to Wyatt Tucker on 10/10/10 at Sundance. It was sooooo pretty. I didn't have a chance to get many pictures cause my camera died :(

Third....We went to Cornbelly's last night with a bunch of couples. They had this whole fair/carnival thing along with the haunted maze event. It was so much fun! They had this jumpy thing called a "jumping pillow". The haunted maze was fun too...I hate being scared though.

Lastly, this morning we finally hiked Stewart Falls. I have been trying to get Casey to do this hike since he proposed to me at the same spot 2 years ago around this time. It was so beautiful! Such a great Saturday morning activity. It's amazing how it is still warm here ! I have decided that I love hiking. When I got home I realized that it made me feel that same way I feel when I would wake up at 6am, go surf Malibu and get home at 11am feeling so accomplished...already exercised and been one with nature.


  1. I will have to talk to you about this hike because I have been dying to go on one lately!

  2. i want to go to there...
    that moon bounce looks amazing! who needs a hike as a work out when you can jump on one of those? i just pulled bennett's hat out the other day for the warm weather and thought of you guys. MISS YOU!