Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a couple of things I miss

Being on bed rest makes me miss a lot of things that I used to take for granted. 
To name a few...

#1. EXERCISING! and being active
Driving and listening to the radio
going aimlessly shopping (target, tjmaxx, the mall)
Decorating my house (mainly the nursery)
 going to a restaurant on a weekend night
BYU sporting events
day trips to Salt Lake or Park City
going to the Temple

this list could go on and on..... But one thing that I do not miss is WORKING WHILE BEING PREGNANT. That one was never fun. 12 hour shifts, stressfully running around with a few extra lbs attached to your belly = not fun (I think it actually may have contributed to my preterm labor). I do look forward to working when I'm not pregnant. I think it will feel good to be finally making some money instead of always spending it.
I am very grateful that I am able to have a baby. After trying for a year and a half I was quite relieved to find out I was pregnant. Even though the last part of this pregnancy has been kinda rough I really have nothing to complain about. I was never very sick and my baby is still very healthy! My body just thinks he needs to be pushed out sooner than we would like (hence the contractions). Let's just plan on cooking him for a couple more weeks and then we can call it good !!!!


  1. Love your positive attitude ash! Hang in there sista