Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The best show on TV right now!

When I was on bed rest I was planning on watching a lot of Netflix. However this is the only show I really got into. It is so addicting! Everyone needs to see it. The first season is on Netflix and there are only 7 episodes. The second season is airing right now and most of the episodes are online. The main character Olivia Pope is amazing. You will become in love with her. She is so intense! and a total babe so that makes it easy to watch. Her clothes are to die for as well. She is kind of in love with the President of the United States- which is her major character flaw. And even though you know it's an adulterous relationship you still want them to be together so bad! 
This is probably my favorite show ever...well at least right now. 


  1. haha yes!!!! so glad you love it!!

  2. OK both you and Rachel like it so I NEED to start watching this!! I have been waiting for a new show to watch!! yahh!