Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Friday, August 30, 2013

Fall is my favorite for clothes :)

I feel like everyone says that their favorite season is whatever season is next. I honestly like summer the best because of the weather but I am not too crazy about the clothes. And winter I like for the holidays. Spring is fun because you get to look forward to Summer. But Fall has the best clothes for sure! And all of the pumpkin things (candles, shakes, recipes, cookies...) Fall for me is kind of bittersweet because it means summer is over and winter is coming soon :( But is is the funnest to shop for! I kind of have an obsession with buying boots and coats. Two things that you feel like you never have enough of during the long Utah winters. So I may have added a couple to my wardrobe this year....



  1. Just the WORD pumpkin makes me so giddy. And that purse - perfect.