Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Monday, September 2, 2013


Life has been kind of crazy lately. Chase started teething which is always fun. My brother and sisters are back for school! And as landlords of my Dad's house in Provo, Casey and I have been busy getting it ready for the students. Oh and Casey had his 30th Birthday! more pictures to come :)

 my church boys

 Pizzeria 712 date night. My favorite restaurant hands down in Orem/Provo

 my little teether

 Chase's first time hiking the Y!

 He loved it!

 Finally got our new couch!! Seriously life-changing to have more room to sit!

 Painted the front door the color we originally planned for: NAVY. 

 My babe turned 30!!! He is an old man now!! We still love him :)

I threw him a partaaayyyy!! More pictures to come!


  1. You are so cute, Ash! Guess what? I think I saw your youngest sister while hiking the Y today, but I wasn't sure so I didn't say anything haha. But I need to come see your house, it looks so beautiful in all the pics. And I bet our babies would like to meet each other! :) -Shallan