Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Friday, September 20, 2013


Just enjoying the mom life these days.
 Chase has started to have more of a routine making me a slave to his nap schedule. So I have kind of been at home a lot lately. 
My dad came into town two weekends in a row! Once for the BYU football game and then for a golf tournament. We had lots of fun with him going out to eat and just hanging out  (a video to come soon...). Oh and Chase turned 6 months! on September 6th!

Here are some stats on 6 MONTH-OLD CHASE:

-Weight: 16lbs 8 oz
-Height: 26 inches
-likes oatmeal cereal over rice cereal
-currently hates all vegetables
-rolls both ways and pivots in every direction
-loves all kinds of toys and books
-sleeps through the night!
-puts everything in his mouth
-almost sits up on his own
-likes to talk to us
-has two little bottom teeth 
-he can eat his toes (very flexible) 
-knows his name
-still has a tiny umbilical hernia
-loves when Daddy comes home!

 Loves watching/listening to the rain

 Play time with cousins!

 Loves his grandpa!

 We like to take pictures

 American Pride!

This was before the shots....

 photo DSC00184_zps2b214882.png


  1. you are TINY and he gets cuter and cuter by the day!!!!!

  2. Your life sounds like mine:) And we did shots today. Sooooo not fun.

  3. haha I love Chase in the flag shirt! His face is priceless!

  4. HE IS SO CUTE! I love his little tuft of feathery blonde hair! He's adorable! I love your updated blog & that you're blogging now, too! & thanks for sharing the healthy blog info, too!