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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Trader Joes

Those who live in Utah know the excitement of recently having Trader Joes in this great state. The bad part is that it is located all the way up by the University of Utah. Which is a solid hour drive away. It's not even close to the freeway! I mean at least can they just put one in Sandy or Draper???!?! I think someday they will. They still sell out of stuff because it's so popular. So it is just a matter of time till we get one closer....hopefully :) 

So I just thought I would do a little post on my favorite things from Trader Joes. I probably only go up there a couple of times a month but when I do I stock up on all my favorites. SO here they are!

I love to use this to marinate salmon or chicken. It also works great to stir-fry veggies. 

This stuff comes frozen. Two in one box. I love to put agave on it with fruit. 
These are so good! Salty and sweet. 

I buy like 4 of these whenever I go. It's my favorite pasta sauce ever! 

These are my go-to lunch when I'm at home all day. They are just as good as the best mexican restaurant in CA. I  pour salsa on top sometimes. 

Such an easy dinner! I add frozen shelled edamame and serve over brown rice. 

Popcorn is my favorite snack ever. This is a healthy one too!

I love sourdough. And for some reason it is so so hard to find good sourdough in Utah. I usually freeze this loaf  and save for later. 

This stuff is so good on the sourdough toast! 

another popcorn! Not as healthy as the other one but dang good!

Casey loves when I bring these home. They are his favorite

These are so little and cute. Perfect for a snack with some crackers. 

These are a great appetizer if you are having a little party at your house. I could honestly eat the whole box!

So there is my list!! Sorry it is so long. It could keep going on and on. There aren't too many sweet things. I try to avoid those because there are too many to even name at Trader Joes!


  1. alright...You need to try Cookie Butter!!! its delicious. There are lots of pinterest recipes with it. Cookie Butter cookies. cookie butter bread. warm it and serve it with waffles. eat it with apples. its dangerously gooooood.

  2. glad i'm not the only one who puts avacados on their pizza :) also, i've gotta try that vodka sauce!