Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Friday, September 19, 2014


I have not been the best at documenting this pregnancy. Especially on this blog:( So here is a little bit about what is going on!

-We found out a couple weeks ago that IT'S A BOY! at first I really wanted a girl but now that I know it's a boy it will be so nice not to buy anything! and Chase can have a little buddy.

-I've been going to my doctor every 2 weeks! (due to my preterm labor and delivering Chase early) kind of a pain but it will be worth it in the end

-I started doing Makena (progesterone) shots at 17 weeks. In my butt-every week,  not fun. Casey learned to do them which is kind of nice and convenient. 

-I started getting my cervix checked via ultrasound at every appointment and so far so good!

-I can't exercise and I have to take it easy. This has been pretty hard for me. I love exercising and especially surfing and now that we live in California it's been even harder. I have to keep telling myself that it will be worth it to have a healthy baby. And I know that it's a blessing that I am even able to have another one. 

-2nd Trimester is the best! I have so much more energy. I finally stopped feeling sick around 18-19 weeks. And I feel somewhat normal now. 

-Watching my body change is even harder the second time. Oh well. Growing bellies make healthy babies! 


  1. yay for healthy babies! You are too cute!

  2. Little sacrifices have to be made if you want to make sure your baby comes out healthy and well. It’s nice to know that you’ve been religiously attending your consultation sessions. Those checkups will definitely help in keeping you fit as your body prepares for the delivery. I’m sure you’re pretty excited to meet your baby boy. Congratulations in advance! :D

    Aubrey Holloway @ Primary Care Associates