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Monday, March 16, 2015


A week ago we got to go to Cabo with Casey's work! It's so nice that we've been able to go on all these paid vacations with his company. It's one of the perks of being in a stressful sales position. But man am I grateful for my hard working husband who keeps earning us trips! 

We barely made it on this one because I just happened to wake up with food poisoning the morning of our flight. My mom came the night before to sleep over at our house and take Chase back with her to La Canada. I woke up feeling so nauseous and instantly went to the bathroom multiple times and then the vomiting started. I thought I felt better so we actually went to the airport, checked our bags in and as I was about to walk through security it hit me again and I almost passed out. Casey had to tell them to get our bags before they went on the plane and luckily it was Southwest so we just changed our flights to the next day for free! The hotel was cool about moving our reservation as well. 

So my mom took Chase to La Canada and I went home to suffer through the 24 hour stomach flu. NOT FUN! seriously the worse. I would rather be in labor than feel that sick. The whole time I was so worried about not making milk for Jimmy but the body is amazing and he didn't starve!

 So the next day I was good enough to fly--just super weak and no appetite. I'm glad we made it because it was such a nice relaxing trip. Jimmy was a dream baby and slept everywhere we went. We only went into town once and mainly just stayed at the hotel hanging at the pool. Casey golfed one afternoon and I splurged on a massage. They had the best sauna, steam room and hot tubs! 

It was a quick trip but such a nice little break from reality! I know we are pretty spoiled with the weather in San Clemente but there is something about being at a resort in Mexico that makes it better :)

 Jimmy and I took sunset walks every night

 post spa selfie 

 angel baby Jimmy

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