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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Chase is 2 Years Old!!!

March 6, 2015 Chase turned 2!!!!!
Where does time go?!
I'm glad I have Jimmy because it doesn't make me as sad to see Chase getting older. It's still so crazy how fast those 2 years went!
We were actually in Cabo on Chase's birthday. Don't tell him :) He went to Disneyland with my mom and sister so I didn't feel too bad about ditching him. Plus we kind of celebrated his birthday all week long. He started out the week with his main present: a train table. Which he is still obsessed with! 
This last Saturday we threw a party for him at Sano. It was a donut party because Chase loves donuts. I think he got donut drunk because he ate way too many and was acting high on sugar the rest of the day. Oh well, you only turn 2 once. 

 Chase trying to get the "two" fingers down

 We lucked out and at perfect weather at his party! 90 degrees baby

Some fun facts about Chase:

-He LOVES to sing. His favorite songs: Yo Ho Pirates life for me, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam, I am a Child of God and Wheels on the bus
-We know he is awake because he sings in his crib
-Still obsessed with his binkie...oops
-He can speak in sentences and has a huge vocabulary
-Loves trucks, cars and trains
-Favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Thomas the Train, Chuggington and Sesame Street
-Favorite foods: all berries, apple pouches, pancakes, donuts, RICE AND BEANS, and noodles
-He loves to give Jimmy hugs and cuddle with him on the couch
-Goes to Playschool once a week and loves to be social with the other kids
-He can run, kick a ball and throw
-He is a pretty good helper especially with cleaning up and helping in the kitchen
-Takes one 2-4 hour nap a day
-Sleeps 10-12 hours at night, bedtime 8pm

We love our little Chase man and can't wait to see him grow and develop more this year! I'm especially excited to see him as a big brother!

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