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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Celebrating my 29th Birthday!

It's so crazy I'm almost 30.
I definitely don't feel that old but I guess I almost have 3 kids so...
For my birthday my sweet friends through a little pool party. It was so fun to hang out with everyone and eat yummy food. 
Last year and this year all I really wanted was a massage at Burke Williams and a few hours alone at the spa. So I did it again and it was amazing. I think I will just always have that be my birthday tradition. 
Casey took me out to dinner that night at the most amazing steakhouse ever called Capital Grille. They gave me a rose when we arrived and had a birthday card at our table. And the food was unreal! so good! He then surprised me with tickets to see Finding Neverland! I told him forever ago that I wanted to see it since it wasn't playing when we went to New York. It was so good! Such a great date night :)
Later that week we went Strawberry picking and we did a bonfire with my family at Sano and had Guichos takeout. There is nothing like a beach bonfire to celebrate my birthday! I can't wait to see what this last year of my 20's will bring! I'm so grateful for all those who celebrated with me!

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