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Thursday, July 27, 2017

PORTLAND Sisters Trip!

I am so behind on blogging! I kind of came to this point where I was trying to decide if it was worth it to keep going. The only reason I decided to is simply because I LOVE looking back at all the stuff we have done and seeing all the pictures. I also do a yearly photo album but I still haven't made 2016s so..... It hit me this week that I need to be in a "nesting" mode to organize our photos and document our life! I especially want to get caught up before baby come!

One reason I have been slacking is because there is no free space on my computer and I need to delete or move stuff to an external hard drive. Both are a pain. BUT Google Photos to the rescue. I recently downloaded the app on my phone and it automatically backs up all your photos to your google drive. I then can put them in albums and upload to here! It's amazing. I still need to clean up my computer but for now this will work. 

So our Portland Girls Trip!
This was in early March and it was so fun!
I was still in the sick phase of pregnancy so I went to bed early every night but it worked out well since my sister-in-law had her baby so we never had late nights out.
We basically just walked a lot, ate a lot, did a little shopping and saw all the sites.
We went for my cousin's cheer competition but that was just one afternoon of the trip. Some of my favorite things were:
1. THE FOOD (Mother's for breakfast, Grassa, Salt and Straw, Jakes Seafood, Lovejoy bakery, Saturday Market)
2. SHOPPING. (the most beautiful Anthropologie, Powell Books)
3. The SATURDAY MARKET. (Such good gyros, pizza, pastries and fun vendors to walk around and see)
4. Multonomah Falls. (these were amazing! even better than in pictures!)

I was really impressed with Portland. I didn't really have any expectations except for the fact that everyone says its really hippie and granola. But I just felt like all the people were super nice and friendly. The city was pretty clean for a city and very walkable. I would totally go back!

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