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Friday, July 28, 2017

Chase turns 4-years old!

I still cant' believe how old this kid is! 
He is the best age right now. I can totally reason and bribe him which is so nice. He is great at communicating which has always been one of his strengths. He is so so social and loves all of his friends.
For his birthday we went to Chuckee Cheese with family and had a cake that he picked out at Ralphs. We later did a friend party at the park and combined it with my friend's daughter Gemma. They did fake tattoos and ate cupcakes. It was perfect!

Here are some stats about Chase:

-Favorite Food: rice/beans, noodles, avocado, ice cream, cupcakes, watermelon, grapes
-Favorite Toy: Transformers, cars/trucks
-Favorite show/movie: Curious George, Paw Patrol
-Favorite activity: play with friends, collect shells on the beach, go to the park, swimming
-Favorite color: Blue
-Favorite song: I am a Child of God
-He loves to kiss my belly and can't wait to meet his new brother
-Chase is super sensitive and aware of others feelings
-Can ride his bike with no training wheels!
-loves visiting his cousins in Utah
-is obsessed with his only cousin on my side-Savy
-He is getting better at being my helper and loves when we get our one on one time. 

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