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Saturday, June 23, 2012

There's nothing like home.

Let me just say that I am very fortunate to have a go to place whenever I need a break. I am so grateful that my parents still live in California and that they have an awesome house that I can go home to whenever I want. I just need to get there somehow! And I usually make that happen every so often.  This time Casey had a business in Glendale on Monday and Tuesday so we made a long weekend out of it and headed down to the golden state. It was lots of fun! We got in all of our favorite summer activities while spending quality time with my family. It was a great little trip!

 First stop...The BEACH. I hadn't been surfing since January. I think that's a record for me that I'm not proud of. 

Ichi Ban

 hiking the hills of La Canada

One thing I don't miss...TRAFFIC!

 One thing I do miss....Stealing my sister's clothes

Master Wong's Massages....amazing. 

Leo Carillo

Bought my first pair of Lululemons...they are life changing. 

We tried this ice cream place called Carmela's in Pasadena. It was soooo so good. 


Daisy Mint in Pasadena

 My little sister graduates from Seminary!

Can't go home without going to a Dodger Game

Flea from RHCP

 Final surf sesh at MALIBU before heading to the airport

Goodbye La Canada!!! 
Until next time :)


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