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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hiking in Utah

Utah is definitely a state known for its outdoor activities. In the past couple of years I have trying my best to make the most of the seasons and what they have to offer. Summer is all about being outside whether on a bike ride up the canyon, an evening walk, a day at the pool, boating on Utah Lake OR going on a HIKE
Since Chase has joined us it makes it a bit harder to plan our hikes. Luckily we invested in an awesome baby carrier (Ergobaby) which makes it a lot easier. Here are a few of my favorite hikes that we have gone on lately. I have not attempted hiking the Y yet with a baby (it's pretty steep and grueling). Hopefully soon we can do the Y and Stewart Falls! 

location: Pleasant Grove, UT
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This hike is a little over a mile there and back. Super easy and just a little bit steep on the way up. It ends with a waterfall which is always nice and a really pretty view!

location: Provo Canyon turn at Vivian park and drive all the way up to the last park (Big Springs)
This is an out and back trail with a small loop at the end. Its 3.5 miles total. We did not make it all the way :( 

location: Provo, UT behing the temple drive straight up the road till it ends at the trailhead parking lot
This is an out and back trail that goes 5 miles. There is also a trail that goes off the Rock Canyon trail to Squaw Peak. This isn't my favorite hike just cause there is no waterfall or cool ending. It is really pretty though if you just want a casual walk up a canyon.

location: starts that the mouth of the Provo Canyon next to the gas station. The trail however does keep going on University Ave in Provo. When we walk this path we usually start at Nunns Park just south of Bridal Veil Falls.
This isn't really a hike because it is a paved path. I used to bike it more than I walked it but now that I have a baby things have changed. It's nice because I can just take the stroller and Chase usually sleeps. Provo Canyon is seriously so beautiful! Every time I walk this path I always wonder why I don't do it more!


  1. Oh this is perfect! My husband and I have been looking for feedback on hikes around here. Also, where did you get your cute shorts on the first hike? The like light turquoise ones?

    1. They are from Lululemon ! Seriously the most comfortable shorts!