Casey, Ashley, Chase & Jimmy

Monday, March 24, 2014


We've been busy as usual! For some reason even though we are just a family of three we always have things going on. Here are some random things we have been up to…

-Chase is on week 3 of swimming lessons and he cries less each time!

-Chase and I went to a restaurant the first time by ourselves. It was pretty fun. He loves sweet potato fries. Literally can eat a whole order by himself. 

-Casey and I went to the Clippers vs. Jazz game (picture below is horribly dark)

-We are loving this pre-Spring weather! Can't wait to get more park time in
-It's my birthday this next Sunday! ahhhh!

-We spent a couple hundred dollars getting our trees cut (oh the joys of being homeowners)
-Lots of visits to friends houses in between nap time (picture below of Chase singing songs with his Aunt Kelly)

-I started selling my clothes on instagram. Check it out @shopashbashcloset !

-I made the best pizza ever with fresh mozzarella, balsamic glaze and pistachios! (now we are on a 4-week diet so no more pizza) :(

-Speaking of THE DIET: We are on week 2 now! It's basically like the fertility diet I did 2 years ago. No Flour, No added/processed sugar and no SODA. Week one was pretty brutal but now I am used to it. Casey is still struggling. Wish us luck!

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