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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wintertime Blues….they are a real thing!

This is something we have been struggling with the whole month of January. I swear January is the longest month of the year! I never really thought Seasonal Affective Disorder was a real thing until this year haha. Seriously. Living in Utah during the winter with a baby who can't walk or do much is so so hard! Before Chase I usually had a ski pass to take up my time that wasn't occupied with school or work. I was able to get out of the house, go to the gym, meet friends for lunch, GO TO MATINEES! (my favorite, i miss movies so much) and pretty much whatever I pleased. Life post-Chase is a little different. Even if I can brave the cold it is not something I want to subject Chase to. Plus with his nap schedule we are home bound at least 4 hours of the day. So it gets kind of hard to not lose your mind in the winter! I just wish that it was warm enough to go to a park or even go on a walk outside!

It's true that I definitely appreciate the seasons living here. I long for spring and when it gets to 50 degrees we start wearing flip flops around here. So since I can't change the weather I have been learning there are some things that I can control. I love the saying that there are three things you need in life to make you happy:

1. Someone to love
2. Something to do
3. Something to look forward to

 That one is pretty easy for me! Casey and Chase of course. Plus I have so much family around me on both sides who I pretty much get to see on a daily basis.

-I do still work as a nurse. I know it's only 3x a month but they are 12 hour shifts so it kind of takes 3 days out of my life (one preparing and one recovering) Yes I am a wimp. 
-Recently we have been looking into things around the community that we can do during the day together (Chase and I). We did a Mommy and Me swim class at Orem Rec Center that we loved. We wanted to do story-time at Orem library or Provo but right now they don't work with our nap schedules. Another thing is Kindermusik- its like a music/singing class for little kids. That too doesn't work with our naps right now. 
-Play dates at friends houses or just visiting friends during the day (trying not to go to Target every week haha)
-Provo Beach Resort: they have a toddler play area and mini bowling!
-Walking around the mall- our goal is to only spend money on a DC from Chick-fil-a
-Day trips to SLC  (trader joes, city creek)
--So if anyone has any ideas we are open to more activities! 
-Date nights! These have become so vital lately. I think they are way more important for moms than dads. It is so nice to go out to dinner and not worry about baby.
-Exercise! This is so important for me. Especially during winter. I believe it really helps fight moodiness and keep your emotional well-being in check.

This one is key for me. I need to have things to look forward to weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Even if it is as simple as a date night every weekend. Or swim lessons a couple times a week.
-The Olympics start tonight!
-Skiing this Saturday with Casey
-Saturday night BYU game
-Next week we are going to CA for our 5-year anniversary!
-Girls trip to San Francisco with my mom and sister at the end of February
-Chases first birthday in March and my parents come to town
-My birthday end of March
-Conference Weekend
-President's club trip to Mexico with Casey in April
-Good weather by then hopefully!!!!!!

See how fast winter can go by when you have things to look forward to! It makes a world of a difference.

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