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Monday, October 7, 2013

Conference Weekend with the Family!

I swear my parents are always here for General Conference (I guess it just happens twice and year and they come to visit a lot more than that--good odds). This year they came for a couple of reasons though. My Uncle James had his wedding on thursday. And then we had a funeral to attend for my Dad's cousin who sadly passed away from a battle with cancer this last week. 
I'm glad that they were able to be here for all of these family events. It is always so much fun to spend time with family through the good and the bad times in life. I am definitely more grateful for my parents especially now that I am mom now!
We spent lots of time enjoying the beautiful fall weather, going out to eat, watching/listening to conference,  having a crepe feast on sunday and just hanging out at my house! 
Here are some pictures from our weekend...

 Casey, his brother Cary and his Dad

 my Sisters!

 Bridal Veil Falls!

 Utah in the Fall is amaaaazzzzing

 Casey's parents, Cary, Casey, Chase and I. 

 Our crepe bar. My favorite was cookie butter, peaches and whip cream :)

 For some reason my computer wouldn't let me crop this. But I had to post cause it's too cute. 
My mom and Chase!

Crazy Grandpa and Chase

 at Uncle James's Wedding

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