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Friday, October 4, 2013

My Wanderlist

I got this idea from another blog that I read on occasion and thought it was a great idea. I seriously bother Casey all the time about places I want to go. I always say, "Casey, can we go to _______ someday?" It drives him nuts haha. 
So here is my wanderlist (I think that's a made up word). A lot of these places are in the USA. I feel like we forget how great this country is and always want to travel abroad but there are so many great places here that don't get the attention they deserve! 
SO here it is....My Wanderlist

1. The Grand Canyon
I've been wanting to go here forever! A couple summers ago we almost went and I spent a day at Barnes & Noble reading all the books on the topic they had. (I prepare seriously whenever I go anywhere new). 

2. Boston, Massachusetts 
Our friends lived here for a couple years while in medical school and we promised we would visit. Casey did for business trips but I never made it. Sadly they have moved now so we really have to go out of our way to get there now. 

3. Orlando,  Florida (more specifically Harry Potter Land)
My friend Ariana and I were kind of obsessed with Harry Potter in high school and I NEED to go here someday and try the butter beer!

4. Santa Cruz, California
Surfing hippie town. Sounds good to me :)

5. Nashville, Tennessee 
Our good friends live out there and we might actually make it out there next year! I've heard it is incredibly green and I kind of am obsessed with trees. 

6. New England in the Fall
I really want to do one of those cruises! Maine sounds nice. 

7. Havasupai Falls, Arizona
I've heard it's pretty hard to get a permit to hike to the falls. With the Gov't shutdown I bet it's even harder :( hopefully someday we will make it here. The water looks amazing!!!!! 

8. Alaskan Cruise
I love being outdoor and I love hikes! I heard these were only for old people but I'm pretty sure I would have a good time. 

9. Mykonos, Greece
The beautiful white buildings and crystal blue water = amazing

10. Bike tour in Scandinavia
I feel like this would be the best way to really tour a country/countries. Plus you wouldn't feel as bad eating gelato and bread everyday. 

11. The Gold Coast, Australia
Surfing Byron Bay and australian accents sounds like a dream. 

12. Castle Tour of Europe
also a Sound of Music tour would be nice :)

13. Waterton, Canada
Our friends Tyler and Jenica went here this last summer with their family and it looks amazing! They did lots of hikes which always sounds fun to me and the scenery is amazing!

14. Bingin, Bali
A sleepy surf town with super cheap massages daily. Im in! 

I'm pretty sure this list could go on and on but I had to stop somewhere.  I really can't complain though because I have been on my fair share of trips but it's always nice to dream of new places!

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  1. Yes!! This is the best! I love the idea! And we hope you really can make it to Nashville! That would be a blast.